Subtlety is Not His Strong Suit

My cat knows what he likes.  And what he likes is food.  Lots of it.  The more, the better.

He lets us know when he wants food by chattering loudly if someone happens to walk by him in the kitchen.

Today, apparently, no one took the hint.  So he took drastic measures.

Jack in the cupboard

I hear you, Jack.  Loud and clear.


Sorry, Cat, I Don’t Think Santa’s Gonna Hire You for the Sleigh Job

My cat has ambitions.  He is a cat who is going places.  He’s gonna be somebody, some day.

What he’s NOT going to be, however, is a cat who works in roofing.

Cat on a hot asphalt shingle roof

I do not like ladders any more than you do, Captain Jack.  Since the whole experience was rather undignified for both of us, we shall never speak of it again*.  Mmmkay?


*right after I post your silly photo on the internet for the world to see**

** good thing cats don’t have cameras