Some Things Are Worth Shameless Promotion

One of my dearest blogger friends, Embejo (a Kiwi, of course!), who is outraged and horrified at the terrible political situation in Zimbabwe, decided to step up and do something to help. In short, she started to collect donations to send to a hospital in Zimbabwe, where there is a severe shortage of basic supplies. Well, as they say, ask and ye shall receive. Or perhaps it’s more like, be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. She has received so many donations of medical supplies and hygiene products that now, she’s got to figure out just how in the heck to actually get this stuff there! (Hey, there are worse problems to have, eh!?)

Here’s a great shot of just one portion of the donated goods:

Um, yeah. I don’t know how I would send that to my grandma the next town over, let alone to Africa. So if you’re inclined to help out, consider popping over to her donation page and give a little something, won’t you? It’s going to take about $2000NZ to haul this load of helpfulness all the way to Howard Hospital. You might even win a little prizey in the process.

(Good news, American friends: the NZ / US Dollar exchange rate is one of the few that are still in our favor, so you’ll get even more bang for your buck with this one!)