It Ain’t Easy (Being Green)

I am very impressed with all you green thumbs out there. How you can identify my seedlings from a [bad] picture with very little frame of reference is amazing, particularly when I planted this stuff and still have trouble telling my cucumbers apart from the pumpkins. However, I am sad to report that no one guessed all the seedlings in the “Guess That Garden Greenery Giveaway”.

For those of you who really care about this sort of thing, here are the correct answers.

Most everyone correctly identified this one as corn:

Mystery plant

Excellent job on that, by the way. Y’all must be farmers or something. I would have figured that for a lettuce or a spinach, if I hadn’t stuck the kernels in the ground myself.

If you guessed this one to be Cucurbitaceae,

Mystery Plant

you’d be right. It happens to be a pumpkin, and if I’m really lucky, we’ll be able to harvest and carve one in time for Hallowe’en. Punkins, as we fondly call them, are an interesting plant. I learned (in my extensive agricultural research trying to figure out how to keep things from completely dying out in my plant graveyard garden) that pumpkin plants have both male and female flowers. Last year, we got male flowers one week and then, after they died, the female flowers appeared. No pollen for the females, unfortunately. Guess those males are useful for something, after all! Hopefully they will appear simultaneously this year so I don’t have to resort to some bizarre form of pumpkin sex to get fruit.

Finally, the stumper. This one had you all bewildered (or else you really don’t care, which is also quite likely). You were close if you said “Onion” or “Garlic”, but these

Mystery plant 2

are actually Leeks. They happen to be fully hardy Leeks, too, which I understand to mean that i can leave them in the ground even after it freezes, and then dig them out when I’m ready to eat them. Seeing as we only have about a dozen leeks coming up, however, I have a feeling that one pot of Potato Leek Soup will wipe out my crop. But that’s okay. It’s all an adventure around here, every day.

By the way, the flower thing

Flower Surprise

is a peony, after all. I verified it with two excellent sources: my in-laws, and Google. So that must be right.

There were many near-correct entries, particularly Lisa, who had the distinct disadvantage of guessing first and still had one right and two very close answers. I was going to be very strict and only offer a prize to someone who guessed spot-on, but that seems mean. I can’t do that to you people. Besides- I already started knitting the prize. Can’t let that go to waste, now, can we?

Therefore, the prize for the best guess has to go to kcw1304, who said:

kcw1304 June 10, 2008 at 3:04 am

I’m going to guess..
1. Garlic
2. pumpkin
3. corn

Bonus- I have no idea so I will steal peony

Congrats, kcw1304! For playing along, and commenting for the first time, not to mention coming closest to getting things right, you win a handknitted dishcloth similar to this one, made in shades of blue 100% cotton yarn. And, guess what? I’ve cast it on already, which means it will be ready to go in a week or so. To claim your prize, drop me an email at phaeon at yahoo dot com and let me know where to send it.

Now, to be fair, Lisa was first to guess and set the bar very, very high for the rest of you people. Therefore, she also wins her very own handknitted dishcloth. I’m not sure what color it will be yet, but this gives me another excuse to go buy yarn. And it gives me another excuse to knit. Not like I don’t already have knitting projects that have to get finished or anything, but I thrive under pressure. Yay, Lisa!! Write me at phaeon at yahoo dot com and let me know where your fabulous prize should be sent, too.

Thank you for being such good sports, and good night. Er, good morning. Er, whatever.