It’s Curtains. Understand? Curtains!

About two years ago, I made curtains (actually valances) for our sunroom.  I hung them to measure the hem.  And there they sat, hem-less.  For a long time.  They sat for so long, I never even took a photo.  Poor, neglected curtains.

Finally, it was too much.  (Read: guilt finally overtook laziness.)  I took down the curtains, washed them, and hemmed them.  And in my ever-so-humble opinion, they look great.  Look how even the bottoms are!  Amazing what some careful measuring with a ruler can do for you.



Look, I even used some lace on the hem to make it interesting.



I am very proud of these curtains, obviously. I made them with my mother’s antique (circa 1955) sewing machine.



That sewing machine was her eighth grade graduation present. How cool is that?!  It also weighs about 55 pounds.  I know because I had to carry it into a shop to have it tuned.  Yikes.

Anyway, I was so happy with the curtains that I was finally motivated to finish the other set for our long window over the kitchen bar. Miraculously, I still had (a) the matching fabric and (b) exactly enough trim to complete the job. Sweet.



And so, after ten years of living here, my kitchen window treatments are finally finished.


Well, almost.


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