This Winter Can Bite Me

This winter has totally sucked. It’s been cold. It’s been snowy. I have been hibernating since the first snow fell in November, just before Thanksgiving. We never get snow before Thanksgiving. There are still leaves on the ground, under all that snow outside.

Actually, we don’t have all that much snow. Right now, we have ice. A crunchy, sparkly, obnoxious layer of ice. It’s not the worst ice  here in recent memory, but it’s bad enough, and it’s worse than the 6-10″ of snow they were predicting. We got about 4-5″ of snow, then the temperatures warmed up just enough to give us freezing rain instead. Lovely.

icy snow

Most of the schools in the area are closed today. We’ve had so many inclement weather days in Ohio that the legislature actually passed an emergency bill to change the way schools count mandatory attendance: it’s now counted in hours, rather than “days”, so schools can make up time here and there instead of extending the number of days on the calendar.  Homeschoolers have been counting in hours all along, so we’re glad the institutions have finally caught up with us.  Schools are also sending home “Blizzard Bags”, which are packets of worksheets that kids can work on at home.  They count as a full day of school.  I think people should ask the obvious question, which is: if my kid can do a bunch of worksheets and count that as “school”, why do I need to send my kid to school in the first place?  But that’s another topic for another day.

Although it’s near 30 degrees F today, this has also been a frightfully cold winter. We had two days in particular where the wind chill was -35F or lower.  Temps were below zero for two weeks running.  People in Canada and Minnesota are laughing at us, but we don’t care. We’re Zone 5 and proud.  We don’t pretend to be that tough.

Today, I am grateful for weather that is bad enough to keep us inside, but not so bad that we don’t have electricity, internet, or Amazon deliveries.   And coffee, of course.  I’m always grateful for coffee.



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