West Coast Day 2: PDX

We had a full day in Portland, OR today.  It started with breakfast at our hotel: sad eggs, unfortunate coffee, unexpectedly decent yogurt.  The kids ate bagels and some strangely colored round cereals.  Fortunately, that was the worst part of our day.

We took the train into town, planning to make our pilgrimage to Powells Bookstore, but detoured up the Yellow LIne to the expo center.  There was a sportsman’s show going on there, and DH thought it would be neat to see.  He offered to split up and catch up with us later, thinking we wouldn’t be very interested, but I insisted we all stay together.  Besides, maybe we would find something at the sportsmen’s show, too.  You never know.

As it turns out, the show was fun for everyone.  DH found a few things, which was all well and good, but the girls and I found a lady selling licorice and roasted almonds!  We bought a bag of flavored licorices (berry, watermelon, coconut, vanilla, raspberry, root beer) and some delicious toffee almonds.  The almonds were still vaguely warm, that’s how fresh they were.  We noshed the rest of the way through the show.  O7 and I wandered off to look at a leathermaker who had some really interesting bags.  S9 hung out with her dad and looked at outdoor equipment and first aid kits.  Then the girls got a little bored, so I took them into the lobby with our snacks and they did cartwheels until DH finished going through the show.

We walked back to the train, the end (beginning?) of the Yellow line, and caught it back into town.  It dumped us off a block from Powells.  We went into the annex building where they keep scientific and technical books.  The girls and I had just stumbled on a great Top Gear book and were laughing our heads off at one of their antics when my cousin B arrived!  He and DH began poring over some engineer’s manual and it became obvious they’d be a while, so I took the girls across the street to the main store so they could browse the kids’ section.  I let them each pick something out, with the understanding that they’d have to carry it the rest of the day (and the rest of the trip- we were all one-bag traveling).  They nodded solemnly.  S9 picked out a journal and O7 chose one of the Warriors books (paperback, thank goodness).  They spent some time in the picture book area until the guys were finished.  Then we went to Henry’s for a bite to eat.

At Henry’s, we had a light lunch and then walked around.  We stopped in North Face and REI to look at more outdoor equipment, then got B’s truck and drove down to the waterfront.  We sat on a bench and watched the river for a while, wandered down past a beer festival to a rocky beach for the girls to scramble a bit, and chased some ducks.  Later, we met B’s girlfriend R at Red Robin near their apartment in Beaverton.  I had a delicious raspberry lime soda with my burger and sweet potato fries.  The girls had spaghetti.  DH went against type and ordered a grilled chicken breast with salad.  B drove us home, which saved figuring out several transit connections, and also offered to mail DH’s book purchases home to us.  We got back to the hotel and i took O7 for a quick swim while S9 and DH relaxed and got ready for bed.



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