Grand Pass, Lame Pictures

Last night the International Space Station made what is known as a Grand Pass over our neck of the woods.


Apparently, a Grand Pass is when it flies over at 70º or higher.  In layman’s terms, it means the station flies directly overhead (or thereabouts).

DH and I remembered about the 9:47 pass at approximately 9:23.  I futzed about in the camping cabinet to find the girls’ binoculars, and then he suggested I take my camera outside to try to get a photo, so then there was mounting the camera on the tripod and opening the tripod legs, which also took some time.  Finally, I got all of our fabulous optics together and we headed outside.  Amazingly, our neighbor-across-the-street did not have his gigantic spotlight on.  We were pretty excited, but soon realized that the only thing we were going to see was trees.  So we piled into the van, drove over to the soccer fields, realized the fields were closed but parked on the side of the road anyway, tumbled out of the van, set up the optics and got the binoculars ready, and then…

We saw it!

The ISS flew straight overhead.  At first, we weren’t sure we were looking at the right thing, but it got brighter and larger and streaked right over our heads from west-southwest to east-northeast.  Look: I have proof.

ISS Grand Pass

Grand Pass

Apparently I need to work a bit on my astral photography. Hey, I warned you that the photos were lame.

The kids were pretty excited.  O7 even claimed she saw the “H” shape.  In any event, hello ISS!  We waved to you from N 41 00.894W 80 33.399 last night.  🙂


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