NH Day 4

Today was Sunday.  We got up a little bit later and went into Newport for brunch at The Old Courthouse.  Our meal was delicious and it was a wonderfully relaxing morning.  While a young man played classical piano in the background, we enjoyed Chef Robert’s veggie omelets and French toast, a selection of pastries and fruit, and the unique ambiance of the Federalist-era building.




After brunch, we stopped back at the condo to regroup, then headed down to Sunapee Harbor.  There was a boat parade in progress when we walked up.


We hiked the recently developed Riverwalk trail, then enjoyed a quick scoop of ice cream before hopping aboard a boat cruise of Lake Sunapee.  From the boat, we had great views of the lake and the fascinating “summer homes”- many of which date back to the 1930s- that surround the area.


Then we walked around the harbor and bought a few souvenirs.


For dinner, we stopped at a restaurant called One Mile West.  I had my first lobster roll up here this trip (think a light tuna salad, but with lobster instead of tuna, and served on a New-England-cut roll).  Stuffed, we headed home and did some walking around the condo.  The guys took the kids up to the tennis court for a quick game.  We all stayed up later that night to watch the Perseids again (and saw some really good ones).

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