NH Day 3

Today was Saturday and BIL wanted to show us the annual Craftsmen’s Fair.  We went right after breakfast (home cooked eggs and bacon, sausage, fruit & yogurts) and spent most of the morning and early afternoon there.  First we watched the Earth and Fire people blowing glass pumpkins, which were very cool.  There was a stunning blown-glass chandelier made of seven individual cylinders hung in a spiral.  DH and I agreed that they would be both stunning in our stairway and way above what we would consider a reasonable price for lighting our stairway.  Something to consider, though.

The kids found a little exhibit where they could try out some hand work of their own.  Instead of crafts, though, they got to try their hand at washing on a board and using a wringer washer.  Interestingly, they all really liked doing it.  I might consider switching laundry systems if that’s what it takes to get them to help out with the weekly washing.



We watched an artistic blacksmith working on some parts for a door. He made a hinge and a handle while we were there. The smith had also rigged up a bicycle to power the bellows for his fire. First S9, then Papa volunteered to ride the bike and help with the fire.


By now the kids were getting a bit tired and a lot antsy. We decided to take them on the chair lift up to the top of the mountain. We had a great view of the mountain and lake below on our way up.



We had a great view from the top and hung out for a while, just soaking it all in.


Finally, we decided it was time to go down. Everyone was getting hungry, so we left the fair and drove into town for lunch at Bubba’s. There, I had some decent sweet potato fries and a very good veggie wrap. Then L & I took the kids back to the condo to go swimming and the guys went back to the fair for a few hours.

When the guys got home from the fair, we grilled some burgers and salmon and enjoyed dinner at the condo. Later, L & I went for another walk. We have been pretty diligent about walking a couple of miles every day. Since we are on a steep hill, the extra grade makes it all the more effective.

Later in the evening we walked up to the tennis court area to see if we could spot any of the Perseids. We did see a few. BIL & I took our cameras and played around with photographing the night sky. There is so much less light pollution up here and it is really noticeable when you look up.



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