A Caffeinated Apron

I just finished sewing an apron and am hugely tickled at how it turned out.

The fabric, which I found at JoAnn’s of all places, has been sitting in my stash for almost a year. It is tossed coffee cups, with some coffee-related words surrounding each cup. Right up my alley.  All my favorite colors are here, too.

Circle Coffee Fabric

Glad I bought some when I did, because it’s no longer available.  😦

The pattern comes from Sew4Home, which is one of the most fabulous fabric-porn websites in all the galaxy. I used the French Country Apron design (sans matching headscarf), which is very well done and easy to follow.


For the blue binding and ties, I used an old tablecloth that had belonged to my parents when they lived up north. The lining fabric (since I will probaly only wear it one way, even though the pattern is technically reversible) is some plain-ish tan cotton that had been in my stash from who-knows-when-or-where.  I like how the two layers make a nice, substantial apron.




There are some small glitchy things, like a spot where the binding went a little wonky and another spot where I had to run a second (third) line of stitching to get things to line up, etc. But overall, you would never know those things unless you looked very, very closely. And since I am unlikely to be taking this apron off any time soon, you would have to totally violate my personal space to see them, anyway. And if you totally violated my personal space, I would probably not talk to you again, in which case I really don’t care if you have a low opinion of my apron since you will no longer be in my field of consciousness. So don’t even bother.



The pocket was my first real attempt at fussy-cutting, and I am pretty happy with how the pattern lined up.


That light bit of tan you see at the bottom and right edge of the pocket is actually some lining fabric that was not pressed well before I sewed the pocket on. I lined the pocket to give it just a little more stability, though it really didn’t need it.

I am so happy about this apron that I am going to do something I have probably never done before: post a picture of myself modeling something.

Caffeinated Apron

I now have TWO aprons to choose from: this one, and a very lovely one made by the very lovely Embejo (yes, I am still using the Pohutukawa Blossom apron she sent me years ago!)

pohutukawa blossom apron

I am in love with the full apron, but now that I have two, I’d like to try a half (hostess-style) design. Maybe something with side pockets, instead of the one large one at the bib. Just another excuse to drool over browse some more of the projects at Sew4Home.


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