Just Like That.

Today we were supposed to go to our weekly swim lesson, but there was a bit of a snowstorm last night.  All the local schools canceled for the day, so the swim teacher decided to cancel lessons, too.  I don’t blame her, except that today was going to be our last swim lesson.  As we were talking on the phone, we both realized at the same moment that we wouldn’t have a chance to say goodbye in person.  The girls had even made little cards and I had knitted her a little doll-sized purple bikini.  When I would knit by the pool during lessons, Julie would always come over to see what I was working on.  And she always asked if I was working on her bathing suit.  So I felt I pretty much had to make her one.

Anyway, it turns out that we have a credit for today’s missed lesson, so we will not pay for April but we are going to have one more lesson a few weeks from now to use up our credit.  So I am glad we will have a chance to say goodbye to Miss Julie.  But I am still a little bit sad.  Just like that, we won’t be going to swimming anymore.

Meanwhile, yesterday S8 signed up for her own email address.  It is time for her to start learning how to use the internet.  She sent her first email to her daddy, then one to her Nana.  I was #3.  I might not have ranked that high had she some other addresses to choose from, but I figured that was enough to get her started.  And just like that, my daughter is now digital.  This morning she woke up and said, “I have to check my email.”

This afternoon, I went to get my driver’s license renewed.  They expire every four years.  I remember getting the last one and thinking, “wow.  2013 is SO FAR OFF.”  Now, I have a new license with my older face and short hair, instead of the old one where I wasn’t yet 40 and had hair down to the middle of my back.  They kept my old license, so I will never see that version of myself again.  Not that I spent time looking at my driver’s license picture, but still.  It’s just weird to think I am not ever going to be that person again.

It’s not that I mind changes, it’s just that they’re so abrupt.  And there’s no going back.


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