Found Art

I also posted this on the kids’ school blog, but wanted to share it here as well.

Both of my girls are very prolific artists, S8 particularly so. I often find drawings and other artsy endeavors around the house. Recently, inspired by a book of fairy stickers a friend sent us, S8 made this crayon and sticker drawing/collage.


Another fairy drawing:


I love this one, of rabbit astronauts playing space tag ball:

I love that the ball has “SPACE” written on it.

For a time, they got into making pirate maps. I couldn’t scan one because they make them on huge sheets of paper, but they are really detailed and usually involve some sort of island, a body of shark infested water with a dire-sounding name (like “Shark Bay”), and a dangerous forest. Then they play games using the maps. Recently, I found some notes they had written as part of one of their games. It appears that they were pretending S8 was the president of an island that was sinking, and O7 was a professor who was an expert on sinking islands. S8 had written to O7 to get advice about running her sinking island.

Professor, a professor friend who studies geography (rock study) said i should focus on the economy, ect., instead of the island! Do you think i should listen to him? If i listen to him, the island will never be seen again! I think the island should be seen in its last days above water, by humans. Very deeply. Sincerly, President V. Samantha.
Professor, consequences are piling up for me. I don’t know what to do! Focus on island, or economy! I just got your scrap and you’re right. Hope we find the treasure.
Sincerly, President V. Samantha

At first, O7 (“Professor Molly”), who is not nearly as fond of writing as her big sister, scribbled pretend notes in reply.


But eventually she got into the game enough to write “real” replies. Hers are much more concise. She also uses a lot less paper. (She wrote them all on little torn scraps.)


Such drama.


This one didn’t scan as well, but I love the executive tone.

Professor, I share your concern in the sinking island project. We should send exlorers out there to find the treasure in those two weeks. Phone me your opinion tonight around 8:30 pm. If you think explorers should go there, I strictly advise that well trained explorers only should go. Please. I do not want our explorers to disappear along with the island as well. Sincerly, President V. P.S. Send the explorers with enough to last each and every explorer for 12 days. I want them back in twelve days no matter what.

I have no idea what happened to this island. Or the explorers. Or whether it was reported on Fox News. What a cliffhanger!


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