More Proof I’m An Overachiever

As if you needed more evidence that I have nothing better to do with my time am totally awesome, check out this sewn birthday banner I just finished.

Finished birthday banner

That damn Pinterest is to blame. It leads one to dark places.

(So does an excess of adorable scrap fabric, for that matter.)

Loads of fabric scraps can't lead anywhere good.

My banner is mostly based on this one, with a few minor tweaks (for one, I appliqued the letters before sewing the triangles together).  As suggested in that tute, I sewed a triangle for each letter of “Happy Birthday” plus a plain red triangle for a cupcake. Said cupcake separates the words “Happy” and “Birthday”.  Functional and also cute- my favorite combination.

The letters are machine appliqued (badly) with a zigzag edge stitch, while the cupcake is free-form machine appliqued (also badly) with a straight stitch.

"Y" pennant


Cupcake detail

Then I fished a package of wide single fold bias binding out of my sewing stash. I made it into double fold bias binding with my iron.

Pinning on the binding

Pennant details

And guess what? My birthday is not the next one coming up. So I can test it out on someone else first.

Banner laid out


The end.


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