Now There’s A Weight Off My Shoulders

I am purging today.  The kids are at an all-day gymnastics camp, DH is working in another county, and I have THE ENTIRE HOUSE TO MYSELF.  Goodness, I hardly know what to do.

Actually, I have been planning this day for nearly three weeks, ever since our gym announced the waiver day camp.  I made myself a list, because if I hadn’t, I knew that myself would waste the entire day surfing, or sleeping, or doing some other non-productive thing (like, uh, blogging.)

The list almost exclusively revolved around my studio/craft room, which of late really ought to be called The Junk Room.  Or The Scary Place.

I wanted to:

  • purge the cardboard, newspaper, and other recylcables that have accumulated since the holidays
  • organize my knitting WIPs
  • clean off the horizontal surfaces so they could be used for something productive, rather than just as long-term storage
  • go through my craft supplies
  • round up the dust bunnies

And, guess what?!  It’s only noon, and I have nearly done all of that… and then some!

In my efforts to “clean as you go” and “only touch an item once”, I have been forced to address some lingering unfinished-business types of things that have been lurking on my horizontal surfaces.  And that has been very freeing.  For example, when I got to the pile that had the girls’ Camp Fire vests and the club applications for this year (which should have been sent in LAST SEPTEMBER), I emailed the Camp Fire woman and told her we would not be participating this year.  Because, realistically, we won’t be.  It’s already freaking February.  I had noble notions and good intentions, but just not enough time.  So I took that off my plate, rather than pretend to myself and the rest of the world that we would be getting around to it someday.  We still can, if we really want to.  But purging is all about being honest with yourself, and to be honest, if I really intended to do Camp Fire this year I would have already done it.

The other thing I did was to cancel my Weight Watchers account.  I lost 55# on Weight Watchers, but not a single pound of that was in the last year.  I’m maintaining, which is fine (even though I’d still like to lose a bit more).  But what I’m NOT doing is tracking, or going to meetings, or weighing in, or counting points, or anything.  So I’m just wasting that fairly pricey monthly membership fee just to pretend I’m GOING to lose more weight.  When I’m ready to actually do that, I will sign up again.

And you know what?  I already feel several pounds lighter.



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