Valentine Pie

How do you (a) wish your sweetheart a happy Valentine’s day, (b) celebrate in a really unique way and (c) overachieve at the same time?

You bake a heart-shaped apple pie.

Valentine Pie

Here’s how it happened:

Last night I stopped at the grocery store to get milk and bread.

Many dollars and several grocery bags later, I came home with milk, bread, and a slew of other things too good to pass up. Like heart-shaped baking pans for a buck.  (You see how this would be irresistable on Valentine’s Eve, right?)

Sadly, I had to resign myself to waxy grocery-store Granny Smith apples instead of the delicious, local Jonagolds, Ida Reds, Braeburns and Melroses I normally bake pies with.  But that’s the trouble with adult ADD  doing things on a whim  being spontaneous: you sometimes have to  settle for what’s available.

I used my new favoritest-ever pie crust recipe for this pie.  It ended up making a bit too much pastry for the pan, but I’m sure we will suffer through a few hand-pies tomorrow once I whip up some more filling.  Or maybe we’ll just have a little baked sugared dough.  There are far worse problems to have.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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