The Party’s Over

You know, I never knew that Doris Day sang that song.  I also never knew any of the lyrics beyond the first two lines, which my mother often (still) sang (sings) when it’s time for the fun to end.

We are home from Kalahari and getting back into reality the swing of things.  Boy, was that a rough transition.  We went from waterparks and Nerf wars to getting up early and making our own beds.  Sheesh.

Yesterday AM, we got up kind of early to get ready to come home.  I packed up the van while DH made some last-minute changes to a schematic and did a quick conference call with work.  Then we checked out, moved our vans to the main entrance, and went to eat breakfast at the Great Karoo, which is one of those buffet meals. 




I thought I would be all sly and Weight Watchery and ordered oatmeal instead of the full buffet.  Unfortunately, I think the oatmeal was made with water from the Swahili Swirl.  It was horrible.  I couldn’t eat it, even with brown sugar and cranberries AND raisins.  (That combination, of course, sort of defeats the whole point of ordering oatmeal.)  The waitress was kind and let me switch to something else, and I ended up with fresh fruit.  The kids pigged out on waffles, pancakes, cereal, and granola.  Basically, every sugary carbohydrate known to mankind in one meal.   DH made up for it with bacon, sausage and fried potatoes.

DH left for home after breakfast.  The girls and I met A7 and her mom down in the game room and we let the kids blow their remaining arcade credits.  They also played a game of mini golf.  Then we went upstairs to the gift shop.  As a thank you for hosting our funshop, the girls each received a $20 gift card from the conference organizers.  O7 had picked out a zebra earlier in the week, so she made a beeline for the stuffed animals and snatched him up.  S8 took a little longer.  She wanted to maximize her buying power (read: buy as much junk as possible, instead of one nice thing).  She ended up with a necklace with her name on it and a magnetic chess game.  We had a few dollars left, so we stopped at the candy counter and got a bag of treats for the ride home.  And that was that.


So goodbye, Kalahari! We will see you again in May, 2014!



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