Kalahari Day 3

This morning we got up bright and early and took Nana to the airport. Boo. But she’s flying on to Chicago to be with my sister, who’s having a baby tomorrow. So I guess that’s an acceptable reason.

When we got back to Kalahari from the airport, we texted our friend A8, who got in late last night. They were game to get together and hang out. We thought it would be a good idea to get lunch first, before the waterpark (read: while we were still dry). We met them at one of the restaurants here called The Reserve.  Unfortunately, the girls just had socks on and The Reserve requires regular shoes.  I didn’t tell the woman that I was wearing slippers.  We ran back to the room and got the girls’ shoes, then joined L and A8 at the table.

L and I each ordered a “Dine and Play” special. For $18, you got a very nice chicken stirfry with one of three sauces (I opted for hibachi, while she got the teriyaki sauce) plus a $10 play card for the arcade. The play card is kind of a bargain because the chicken stirfry is normally $15, so you’re basically getting $6 free, assuming you’re going to play in the arcade anyway (which we are). S8 and A8 got mac and cheese with hot dogs (ew), while O7 got a cheese quesadilla with fries.

We ate our lunch and then headed back to the rooms to get ready to swim. L and A8 met us back at the waterpark entrance, and we hung out in the wave pool and hot tub for most of the afternoon.

By 4:30 or so the kids were all complaining about how hungry they were, so we went back to our rooms and got cleaned up. We met L and A8 back downstairs in the arcade area around 6:30 and ate a light supper of sandwiches and fries (kids) and fruit (mamas). Of course the kids didn’t finish their [insanely expensive] food, so it’s a good thing we just got fruit.

By now, it was just a little after 7. The movie night was supposed to start at 8:15, so to kill some time L took the girls over to the dry play area while I ran upstairs for coffee.  Then L and I sat and talked while the kids played.  This was a very bittersweet thing for us mamas. A8 has been coming here since she was 3; my girls have been here 4 years in a row. And both older girls are dangerously close to the 52″ maximum height for the dry play area. It’s pretty likely that, by this time next year, they will both be too tall to play there any more. S8 will, for sure. And that will be very sad, because O7 won’t want to play there by herself so it very well might be the last time she’ll ever play there, too. I’m trying really hard not to overthink this but it’s not working too well for me at the moment. Pardon me while I go bawl my eyes out for a bit.

Anyway, at 8 we left and headed for the movie.  We made a quick pit stop at the restroom and then went up to the convention center ballroom. The conference organizers show a G-rated movie at 8:15 for the little kids, and a PG-13 or PG movie at 10:15 for older ones. The movies are projected on large screens in the ballroom. It’s really cool and the kids just sort of throw themselves on the floor wherever they like. Someone kindly and thouhtfully puts out chairs for all the grownups to sit on. I had hoped to knit during the show, but they turned out all the lights, so I had to watch. It was Hotel Transylvania, which we’ve never seen, and it was actually very good. So yay.

After the movie, the girls did a bunch of cartwheels in the lobby, and then we invited L and A8 to come up to our room and check out the Littlest Pet Shops collection that we hauled here. The kids played til nearly midnight while L and I chatted about all kinds of stuff. We snacked on pretzels and limonata.  It was really fun. When they left, we called DH and talked to him for a few minutes.  And then we passed out. The end.


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