Kalahari Day 2

Today we hung out at Kalahari with my mom.  In the morning, we made breakfast in our lovely kitchen.  I adore having a kitchen in a hotel like this.  Even though we are not really cooking complicated meals (like, nothing more involved than heating up canned soup), it’s great to be able to keep food in a fridge and have real dishes to eat off of.  Even things like drinks are fabulous.  How many times have you gotten settled in a hotel room and realized you (or someone in your group) is thirsty?  And who wants to drink hotel tap water??  What a luxury, to open the fridge and pull out OJ, or apple cider, or my new favorite:


Luxury, indeed.

So, in the AM we made a little breakfast of cereal and toasted bagels with cream cheese, and fruit, and I made coffees for Nana and me. Then we went to the waterpark for a while.

At the waterpark, O6 was grumpy. I don’t think she slept well last night, and for some reason, everything was just wrong today. First she said she really wanted to go on Victoria Falls, so we went on Victoria Falls. When we got to the top of the stairs, she said she was scared and didn’t want to go. I made her go down with us on the raft. She got off of Victoria Falls skipping and happy. But she did the Jekyll and Hyde routine all morning.

We sat in the hot tub outside and caught falling snow on our tongues and hair. That was neat. Then S8 met up with her friend, S6, and they started hanging out in the waves. O7 felt left out and sorry for herself and hung back. I’m sure the girls would have played with her but she just turtled up and became my Velcro baby again. So I took her on the lazy river while Nana kept an eye on S8.

After a few hours, we decided to head back for late lunch and to get ready for the conference. We got cleaned up and ate a little snack in our luxurious kitchen: peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, fruit, soup, and salad with picnic crack.

And then the girls practiced their violins.

Practicing violin

They also practiced Nana’s new iPad.


At 3, we gathered our 18″ Madame Alexander dolls and their wardrobes and headed down to the registration area.  It just took a few minutes to get our registration stuff and schedules.  I picked up our t-shirts and tote bag.  Then we did a few cartwheels while we looked around for a gathering of 18″ dolls.  We found them hanging out under the stairs at the convention center entrance. There were about 15 kids and dolls and it was really cool.



They decided to have a talent show. I’m pretty sure this was S8’s idea.


This little boy had his doll, Rosita, do a little ice skating demonstration.


S8 and her doll, Samantha, decided to sing. They sang a song that S8 wrote minutes before, called “Sing It Out”. She is in the process of writing down the lyrics and is planning to perform again at the talent show on Thursday. I did record it, but haven’t figured out how to post videos here, plus I’m not sure her adult self will appreciate me posting a video of her 8 year old self holding her doll up to her ear and singing a (let’s just face it) improvised song a capella. So I won’t bother. Let’s just say I think she’s awesome and has guts for getting up there and Singing It Out. Rock on, S8.

O7, of course, did not participate. She is in full-on Shy Mode, though she did sit in the audience and watch the other kids. And then she got bored, and started doing cartwheels, and other gymnasticky stuff.


The doll meetup kind of petered out anyway when Paxton organized a game of Zombie Tag. Here is S8 getting some clarification on the rules.


Basically, human kids run. Zombie kids do not run, and they are supposed to hold their arms out in front of themselves as they shuffle.

Every day I’m shufflin’…

O7 did cartwheels while S8 played Zombie Tag.  Nana and I sat on a couch and I worked on weaving in ends on my soon-to-be-born niece’s baby blanket.  It was very relaxing, in spite of the zombies.

Then we went into the ballroom for the family fun night, which was a mini carnival with balloon sculptures and silly games and face painting and lots of loud, fun dance music.  A lot of shufflin and Gangnam-stylin’.

We got in line for balloons.


Here’s O7 watching this girl make her a puppy dog balloon.



S8 wanted to get her face painted. She opted for a butterfly.


She is holding her fairy wand with a heart on the top. Part of the handle came off when she made a particularly vigorous wave of magic. We happened to run into the balloonist on the elevator and she fixed it for us. Sweet!

Before heading up to bed, we stopped at the arcade and played a game of bowling with Nana.



Back at the room, we called DH and told him about our fun day. Then we all played some assorted electronica (iPad, iPod, tablet, laptop) and went to bed.


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