Mastery Might be a Bit of an Overstatement

This year, I’m going to make stuff out of this book.

Mastering the art of French cooking

Stop laughing.  Seriously.

This book, along with its companion, Volume II, have been sitting on my kitchen shelf for years (like, 10 of them).  I inherited them from my dad, but have never made a single recipe out of either one (though I did consult Volume I for croissant technique back in December). I decided that if I am going to waste precious cook-book-shelf-space on these, I need to make at least something from them.  And then of course we are all still a bit giddy from three days in Paris, so everytime we see anything that has to do with either French food or the Eiffel Tower, we go a little crazy.

Over the last two days, I read said books and decided there were several things I wanted to make:

  • a quiche
  • a chicken dish
  • a beef dish
  • pâte à choux
  • a fancy dessert


Settling on a specific recipe, however, was hard.  So I eliminated everything that had anchovies and foie gras.  There were still many, many recipes to choose from.  Eventually, I decided on the following:

  • a quiche: quiche aux Épinards (spinach quiche, p 153)
  • a chicken dish: Fricassée de poulet à l’ancienne (old-fashioned chicken fricassee with wine-flavored cream sauce, onion & mushroom, p 258)
  • a beef dish: pièce de boeuf braisée / boeuf à la mode (braised beef-pot roast / beef braised in red wine, p 309)
  • pâte à choux (cream puff paste) p 177
  • a fancy dessert (to be decided yet).

I have all the ingredients for the first four dishes, which I (probably overly-ambitiously) plan to make this weekend.  Vraiment.


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