There is No Ghost of Cookies Future in This House

We ate waaaaay too many Christmas cookies these past few weeks.  I think I gained about 2 pounds, which is actually fabulous considering I went through NINE POUNDS of butter making all the baked goods, treats and confections for our holidays.  So for the forseeable future, anyway, there will be No More Cookies around these parts.  And probably no more butter for a long, long time, either.

Yesterday was New Year’s Day. I resolved nothing of consequence, other than to perhaps use the momentum and excitement of the new year to get my fridge cleaned out and get back on something of a routine. We have slipped into that holiday time-shift of super late nights and even later mornings. I think we ate breakfast at noon the past two days. That’s a habit to break quickly. It never leads to anything good.

I noticed my husband was doing some New Year activity, though. He spent most of the day organizing our massive collection of photos on the server. Later in the day, he ran across the battery for his remote-controlled helicopter. We bought these as gifts for the men in our wedding (corny but true), which was 10 years ago. 10 years! I’m not old enough to have been doing something for 10 years, am I?

Jack was rather fascinated by the helicopter, by the way.

This is not a smart idea

Jack and the helicopter

Why you would chose to tease your cat with a remote-controlled helicopter is beyond me. Fortunately, all ended well for both the bird and the cat. This time.



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