Day 13: Bioce

Toay was Monday and both Cousin B and Vineta had to work, so we kind of bummed around most of the day. Here at the apartment, Vineta very kindly left us a plate of what was essentially cold French toast, plus a dish of cheese, some marmalade, juice, and a pot of tea. The kids and I ate with Filip, then DH and FIL showed up. We changed FIL’s plane ticket so he would leave with us tomorrow rather than Thursday. DH took advantage of the wifi here to check in with work. At noon, we left with Demo, who took us to two different malls and a hardware store called “Let’s Do It!”  

Hardware Store

We shopped a bit, then headed over to Baba Draginia’s for lunch.



Saying hello to Draginia

Draginia's kitchen

Of course, Draginia had gone out of her way and over the top with food. She started us off with homemade stuffed peppers, bread, and plates of fresh vegetables from her garden. Then there was a platter of cevappi, hamburgers and sausages. She had even made chicken cutlets and fries for the kids.

Draginia's kitchen


Stuffed peppers

Lunch at Draginia's

Lunch spread

O6 discovered she loved the stuffed peppers… at least the filling, anyway. She ate two all by herself.  Then we ate cake and relaxed while the food settled.

Cakes with homemade filling

We helped Draginia clean up and then hung out for a bit. She showed me some of her crochet work and, when I showed her the sock I was knitting, gave me a pile of beautiful lacy pieces to take home. The girls took turns sitting with Papa out on the porch and playing with LEGOs in the hallway.

Girls at Draginia's

Me and Draginia

D & Papa

View from D's porch

Hello Kitty is truly worldwide

Draginia and I took a coffee in her kitchen after that. She makes Turkish coffee, where the grounds and water are cooked together in a tiny pot and then the brewed drink is poured off into drinking cups. She took pity on me and made it with sugar and less coffee grounds than usual.

Taking coffee with Draginia

Soon Cousin B and Vineta arrived.  B took me, DH, FIL and the girls to Bioce, where the family is from.  We saw the little village where 18 generations of family were born. 

Family village

Then we followed the river, which has carved an incredible canyon into the sheer rock, leaving massive walls towering above you.  The road hugs the rock about halfway up, so there’s a great view of the canyon below and the walls above.

Beautiful black mountains


Even more scenery

Even more scenery


Mountain road past Bioce

Tunnel in the mountain road

As usual, no guard rails. Just a few warnings here and there.

Warning, tunnel!

I can’t believe our time here is over already. Montenegro is truly a beautiful country. In some ways, I hope it remains underdeveloped and unspoiled for a long, long time.


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