T minus 4 days

I am happy to report that, in the last week, I have managed to:

  • secure airline tickets to one country, from a second country to a third country, and from the third country back home
  • secure a ferry cabin on the Sveti Stefan II across the Adriatic from Italy to Montenegro
  • secure lodgings in Italy while my husband is working there
  • secure lodgings in a posh (we hope) Parisian apartment with a man named Olivier
  • make arrangements for some very kind people (who will be rewarded with lovely souvenirs, I’m sure) to check on our house and kitty
  • figure out how to take trains in Italy (make sure to get your ticket VALIDATED!)
  • obtain an International Drivers License
  • get a credit card that doesn’t charge obnoxious international currency exchange fees
  • order Euros from my bank (our local branch had never done this before, so it was quite exciting for all parties)
  • get myself a swanky travel skirt in the “soapstone” colorway (note: they run about two sizes big)
  • obtain, read AND dog-ear travel guides for Northern Italy, Montenegro and Paris
  • arrange for transport to and from our U.S. airport
  • get gifts for our Italian friends and the Montenegran family we will be visiting
  • email our itinerary to my mother, with express instructions not to call while we are roaming
  • set up my blog to accept posts by email (this is the first one!)

Now it is just a matter of packing.


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