Still Groovy After All These Years

Last year sometime, S8 (then S6, I believe) made a sign inviting kids to sign up for Groovy lessons. I recently discovered another sign inviting kids (ahem, girls) to join the Groovy Club.

2012-08-01 14.48.03

I just love: all of the: colons. And I’m relieved to know that, if I need to learn to be cool, get style & be groovy, there’s a place for me. I might need it when my daughters hit puberty, ‘cos I’m sure to be totally unstylish and dorky at that point.

Apparently the Groovy Club even has a theme song. While the band is still to be determined, the lyrics are available for all prospective members to learn by heart.

2012-08-01 14.48.26

I have to remember to just be groovy when I go down.

Groovy, oovy, oovy.

(Repeat 6 times.) C’mon!


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