Tikka Trouble

During a recent trip to a used bookstore, I found a copy of the “Best Ever Indian Cookbook”.


Best Ever Indian Cookbook


Since we now have three fabulous places to get Indian food here in town, I have been enjoying this cuisine several times a month.  So I was pretty excited to get a cookbook, and hoped to recreate a few things at home.  While I am not convinced it is the “Best Ever”, it is a cook book, and I have tried a recipe out of it: Chicken Tikka.  Based on this recipe alone, I would probably call it “Reasonably Passable Indian Cookbook”.  But I am willing to try some more recipes to be sure.

This version of Chicken Tikka was overly lemony, and my family, sadly, does not seem to like lemony chicken.  I don’t know what the hell is wrong with them, because I am of the opinion that one can rarely go wrong with lemon, unless one is putting it in coffee (which one should never, ever do).  But they are strange, those people I eat with.  So I humor them, mostly because there are more of them than there are of me.  I avoid making chicken that is lemony.  Unfortunately, it was a little overpowering in this recipe, even though I cut back on the amount of lemon called for.  My husband ate it but secretly shook his head at me when the kids were not looking.  O6 ate it, but she will eat anything chicken.  S8 did not like it at all, but she does not like anything chicken, so that hardly counts.  Overall, I felt it was a weak success, if not a failure.  I’m probably going to have to cross it off the list.  Sigh.

On to curry.  Who can mess up curry?




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