Add It To The List.

I noticed this on our condo’s refrigerator last night. Apparently, S7 has made a list of the things we are supposed to do today.

2012-02-18 08.22.09

So far we are on track. My BIL brought over Baby Joe (my nephew) this morning bright and early* and we have been playing with him all morning. He had a bit of a rough start due to some minor jet lag/travel overstimulation/tiredness/unknown baby issues, but BIL got him settled while the girls and I went for a dip in the pool. By the time we got back for lunch, JJ was up and at ’em, playing some peek a boo and rolling his ball with the girls.

Yesterday (which did not have a list, but was still important) we picked DH up in Tampa. While Tampa does not collectively refer to itself by its airport code (TPA), it does have a kickass airport. And unlike PIT(tsburgh), which makes people who are there to pick up arriving passengers orbit around the airport in their cars instead of offering them a place to park and wait, TPA absolutely rocks the hospitality with a huge cellphone lot- complete with restrooms, a large arrivals board visible from space, and FREE WIFI. You just don’t get much better than that, unless perhaps you have folks on rollerskates bringing milkshakes to you car window while you wait.

TPA is about an hour from our hotel in Orlando, so we decided to hang out there for the afternoon and see the Florida Aquarium. It was a great day for it, because it rained most of the afternoon and was fairly chilly for Florida. It was far more interesting to wander around the Aquarium than to hang out at our condo and be sad about the weather (which is still 1,000,000 times better than Ohio’s).




The Florida Aquarium was pretty nice. We saw some really great exhibits on Florida coastal life, including some close-up views of alligators and river otters. The river otters put on quite a show by doing a never ending series of backflips right in front of the girls. Since their enclosure is clear acrylic, you can see them both above and below the water, which is infinitely fun. The girls really got a kick out of that.



More importantly, we saw real, live Florida Gators. I particularly liked the fact that they were also behind very clear, very thick acrylic.




We also saw lots of birds in the wetlands exhibit. But while interesting, we really didn’t come to the Aquarium to see birds. However, you would not know that from the number of photos of birds I happened to take while we were there.









After all the birds, we walked through an exhibit on aquarium design.



I liked that exhibit a lot, particularly the very modern Glass Themed Aquarium.


Even the fish were glassy.


My favorite were the vintage aquarium bubblers.




Finally, we got to the cool stuff: sharks. There is a really big viewing tank in a dimly lit room that gives you lots of shark-gazing. They are amazing animals, those sharks. I could have watched them all day, if it hadn’t been for the small people at my side starting to whine about wanting to go on to the next exhibit.






We saw jellyfish, sea dragons, and sting rays. They had a touch tank with star fish and sea anemonae that you could brush your fingers against. DH and I thought those were really cool.


The girls were more interested in the giant ceramic hermit crab shells that you could climb into. Something for everyone at the Florida Aquarium.



The rest of the Aquarium had various random fish in beautiful exhibits. It was very pleasant just to walk through and take it all in. It helped immensely that the exhibits are very kid-friendly.








Well, mostly.


Finally, it was time to head back to Orlando. We dodged a few lingering rain drops, found our van, and got on the road. The end.

*Bright and early is, of course, a relative term.


One thought on “Add It To The List.

  1. Oooh the sharks are my favourite at seaworld here too. You can swim with them. I just watch.
    I love that she’s a list writer already. That will serve her well 😉

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