Why Was I Not Informed?

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about the absolute bliss of hummus as a condiment?

Until recently, I have happily enjoyed my hummus the way normal, non-Middle Eastern Americans do: dipped on carefully trimmed triangles of storebought white pita bread.  Oh, sometimes those triangles are toasted, but that’s about as crazy as we get.

Speaking of crazy hummus, please don’t bring up the whole issue of things like jalapeno hummus, forty-six-spice hummus, or chunky pesto hummus.   I’m really not going in that direction at the moment.

No, I am simply talking about taking hummus (whatever variety you happen to be enjoying, because that part is just not relevant) and spreading it over your whole, un-triangled pita with a knife, like you might spread mayo or peanut butter on a traditional western (read: American) sandwich.

I’m sure it is absolutely ludicrous to most of you that someone would be so thrilled at discovering what is probably a totally normal, everyday occurrence in other kitchens that she would bother to write an entire blog post about it (especially on a dusty blog that averages about 36 posts per year.)  But I am just that enthralled with my newest favorite-est condiment.  I’m on my second bag of storebought white pita bread, since I have been making salad wraps à la the vegan restaurant in town (sans tamarind dressing, though)  at least once or twice a day for a week now.  And they are tasty.  And good.

And hummus is also good for my diet… which is an entirely different blog post.  But I’ve posted three times in as many days, now, so I need to hold back. I don’t want to spoil you people… all three of you (who I personally blame for not telling me about this sooner.)

You know who you are.


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