S7 loves to make signs.  She has recently combined her love of sign-making with her love of “teaching other kids how to do all this stuff I’m already great at”.  Ergo, we have the “Learn to Be Groovy Lessons” summer camp.

Groovy. by MotherMe

In case you need a translation, it says:

Free! I’m not joking! Learn to be groovy with lessons from Sam! Starting Tuesday, May 31st, to June 19, Sunday, 4-9. 2 to 5 kids each day. [address]

I am super impressed that she looked up the dates on the calendar.  May 31 really is a Tuesday this year, and June 19 falls on a Sunday.  That’s pretty good.

She’s written a few others.  I came across this one today:

Jazz Lessons

Zebra, apparently, is a prospective Jazz student in S7’s upcoming Jazz classes.  Here is her note:

Zebra, here is a note for Jazz lessons.

  1. Pay Attention!
  2. Be Good.
  3. Wear Jazz Shoes
  4. Black shirt.
  5. White socks.
  6. Purple pants.

Do the top and wear the bottom.  Here is my address:  941897 Jewel Circle, Jazz Town, Alabama.  412396*  Love, Sophia Vutaski. I love you!

*US ZIP codes are five digits.  Oops, Sophia!

** a totally made-up last name


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