Last night we took the girls to private swim lessons at a local convent.  I think it’s awesome that we have a convent in our town.  They also have an awesome pool.  There are two women- mother and daughter- who teach lessons there.  At $20 per kid per half-hour, it’s pricey.  But while I was paying $10 a class (per kid) for lessons at the YMCA, they learned more in this one half-hour than they did in about eight Y classes.  I consider myself way ahead.

S-almost-7 can now put her face in the water for about 35 seconds (10, really, but we count super-fast) AND swim doggy-style for several yards.  O5 can sit on the step and put her face in for a second or so, but the fact that she’s willingly putting her face in the water at all is a huge thing.  Both instructors seemed to think the girls would be swimming reasonably competently this summer.


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