Moving Along

Okay, so my last post was August 24 of last year and, yes, it was a good day. There have been several good days since then, in fact. I don’t know why I have been so blog-phobic in the meanwhile, but let’s just move along and pretend the last 6.5 months happened. I mean, they did happen, but I don’t feel like going back through all the pictures to figure out what happened when and then write it all down.

More important things are happening, right now, anyway. I will ignore the really important things, like the earthquake & tsunami in Japan and other, weightier world-issues, and focus on myself and my house, since that’s all I really know about anyway. Write about what you know, someone semi-famous once said.

So in MY world, things are upside down and torn apart, but in a good way. We are knee-deep in this house’s first major remodel since we’ve lived here, and I can’t believe it is all coming together. It’s slow progress, but that’s okay. I am finally doing renovations for ME, not because I want to sell a house or rent a house or even to fix something that’s broken… I’m just making it nice. For me to look at. No one else. I’ve not been this selfish in a very, very long time and it feels embarrassingly good.

Like all big projects, this one started out small enough. Our home has four bedrooms, listed below from largest to smallest:

Master bedroom- me and DH, random cat and occasional child sleep here
Kids’ room with bunk bed- girls start out night here
My office (“studio” didn’t stick)
Spare room AKA “Nana’s room”- guest bedroom that my mom uses when she visits

For some months now, the girls have been talking about having their own rooms. I’m not opposed to this at all, other than the fact that I think it will be twice as hard to keep TWO kid rooms clean than one, but the upside is I can send a kid to her room now if she’s been naughty. So that’s a wash. We figured it wasn’t really fair for one girl to have the old kids’ room to herself because it is considerably larger than the two smaller bedrooms. And since I’ve kind of outgrown the small space in my office, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to switch things around. I’m moving to the kids’ room, S6 is taking Nana’s room, and O5 will have my old office. Sold.

S6’s new room and my new office were going to be painted, and that was pretty much the extent of the remodel as we originally planned it. But after a little discussion with DH, we decided it made sense to do some more serious work since we were moving all kinds of furniture around anyway. For example, the floors in two of the bedrooms need refinished. I tried doing them a few years ago, but refinishing hardwood floors is not something I’m very good at (obviously, you would say, if you saw them up close). So we decided to have a professional come out and do them. And if we were going to pay a pro to redo those two rooms, it made sense to get the other two bedrooms – which currently have carpeting- done, too.

And here is where the little pebble becomes a giant avalanche.

We are now into floor refinishing in all four bedrooms and the hallway, all new wood trim around the windows, paint in three of the four bedrooms, new hardwood baseboards, new closet doors, perhaps even a new light fixture for S6. We’re having plaster repaired, even to the point of adding texture to match other walls in the house.  The hallway will be repainted and then, eventually, so will the living room and dining room.  The strangest part is that this was mostly DH’s idea. He’s the one who suggested redoing the floors in the first place, and then went with the cascade of renovations. I can’t believe it, because he is not really one to dwell on aesthetic, but I’m not complaining at all.

Not really, anyway.

I’m tired, and I’m living in my basement while we empty everything out of the bedrooms to prep the floors for finishing. The kids’ clothes are in their suitcases and their toys are in plastic bags. My home looks like a warehouse storage unit. But we’re having fun with it. We moved a bed down into the basement, and the girls’ mattresses are on the floor next to that. The kids and I camp out down there now because I don’t want them breathing the fumes and dust upstairs in their [soon-to-be-former] room. I think they find the whole thing pretty darn exciting. So do I, to be honest.


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