Future Perfect Husband

My nephew J, who just turned 4, is already shaping up to be the perfect husband for some darn lucky person someday.

He is over and playing with the girls, who are so excited to have a proper boy to play house with.  I mean, it’s fun for them to be the mom and the baby, but who really wants to be the dad?  So boring.  But J is gamely playing along.  It’s vaguely Big Love-ish, as I believe both girls are Mom and J is the lone Dad, but who’s counting?

Just a moment ago they decided it was time to have dinner.  The girls were fussing in their play kitchen, digging through unsorted boxes of toys looking for meat-related play food (because Dads eat meat, right?)  They have spent a considerable amount of time doing this and I was afraid J would start to lose interest.  But he’s a good sport and instead of just throwing in the towel, he cheerfully announced:

“So…. who wants to go out for dinner?”

Too bad he’s related.


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