Blueberry Tart

I managed to somewhat successfully duplicate this blueberry tart recipe the other day.  The girls and I went with a friend out to a local berry farm and picked pounds of blueberries, and nothing really shows off fresh berries better than a pretty baked tart.

Even with my mediocre baking skills dragging it down, this is a great recipe.  The crust comes together easily and quickly in a food processor.  She calls for an 11″ pan, but since I only had a 10″, I put the leftovers into ramekins and made mini tarts with them.

Shell with leftovers in ramekins

The filling is practically brainless, with just flour and sugar tossed with half of the fresh berries.

Fresh berries for the filling

The berries and crust are baked together, easier than pie.

Filling ingredients

I gently stirred the filling twice during baking to distribute the flour a little more evenly. After baking, you press the other half of the fresh berries on top of the filling in a decorative fashion.

Adding fresh berries

More fresh berries

Finished tart

And then you grab your camera and pretend you know how to operate its macro feature.

Berry detail

Crust detail

Blueberry tart

After that, you grab the mini tart in the ramekin and eat it up, just to make sure everything is tasty (it was).

mini tart

The end.


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