Amateur Botany

While I did end up purging the vast majority of books we inherited from my dad, I kept several cherished ones.  One of my favorites is a wildflower field guide.  I love trying to figure out what all the pretty and interesting blooms are in the backyard.

Wildflowers Field Guide

We’ve been walking in the woods across the street a lot, now that the weather has warmed up. That’s a great place to spot wildflowers.

Sisters on a spring walk

Right now, the bluebells are starting to make their annual appearance.

Bluebell Trail

They’re not quite at peak but already look beautiful.



Of course, there are other things to admire and identify besides bluebells. We spotted this trout lily next to the trail:

Trout Lily

I’m not exactly certain what these white flowers are. They look like a sort of phlox, but the leaves seem too big for moss phlox.


The mandrakes have their umbrella leaves up and buds are starting to form underneath some of the plants.

Mandrake foliage

We even spotted some skunk cabbage about to unfurl.

Skunk cabbage

Skunk cabbage is a foliage plant, sort of like a hosta.

Skunk cabbage

Of course, there’s nothing like picking dandelions on a pretty spring day.

Dandelion girl

We didn’t even need the book for that one.



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