More Advent Fun and Letters to Santa

Wow, I post about the new advent calendar and all of a sudden, there are only two pockets left to do and Christmas is practically here.

Time flies when you’re [not] blogging.

I liked the calendar quite a bit, by the way.  The girls adored it.  S5 even made a few of the notes herself.  My favorite:

“It’s 12! Move the star!  Find your candy!  TWELVE!!!”

The only downside to the calendar is that the pockets are a little bit too small for anything more than a couple of Tootsie Rolls.  We also discovered that the kids don’t care for peppermint candy canes.  Fortunately, there’s now a Sweet Tart variety of candy canes, and since my girls are all about Sweet Tarts that works out well.  I also think S5 would enjoy a pickle for her treat but haven’t figured out how to do that without making a hell of a mess.

S5 made a very nice note for Santa Claus this year.  It says:

“Dear Santa, I want a doll house, a toy hello kitty, and a control plto*.  From S5 to Santa.”

*a control plto is a “remote control pluto”, which isn’t really remote control but is actually this:

The little controller thing can make Pluto wag his tail, walk around, shake his head and bark.  She saw it in a store last month and decided all of a sudden she wanted it.  Um, sorry kid.  Santa’s not bringing you one of those this year.  But we can probably work something out with Hello Kitty.  In fact, the UPS driver whispered something into my ear about how Santa has a fondness for all things Hello Kitty.  I believe her, since the package she was delivering came from Sanrio.

Hello Kitty Dress Me Doll

O-almost-4 has been insisting she wants a kitchen.  “A kitchen and a choo-choo train,” she says whenever anyone asks what she wants Santa to bring her.  Amazingly, Santa knows of a mom in her his playgroup whose kids were done playing with theirs.  Amazingly, Santa managed to finagle said kitchen from said mom without any of the children knowing about it.  Don’t tell anyone, but Santa has stashed it in the garage.  Hey, it’s a little big to fit on the sleigh, okay?

Fortunately, the two kids in the photo do not come with the kitchen.  They are very cute, but I already have plenty of my own.

As for me, I’ve asked Santa to bring me a cup of Irish coffee, easy on the coffee.  And perhaps a good night’s sleep.


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