Garden Progress

I have to admit to being sort of uninspired by the garden this year. While last season’s garden saw the pumpkins decimated by squash borers, everything else seemed to do fairly well. But this year, a bigger plot and more variety also meant more failures and frustration. But really, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself (or my garden). It’s doing a lot better than I make it sound.

Yesterday, we picked the first cucumbers of the season. I didn’t even see them hiding under all the foliage until I went behind the plants to pick up a big stick that had fallen inside the fence. And there they were! Two cute, pinchy, crunchy, adorable little green cukes. S5 literally squealed when she saw them (she’s a pickle fan).

First cukes

And I forgot to mention that, last week, while making a barbecue sauce for pulled pork, I ran out to grab these two hot babies:

Hot peppers

They were, indeed, hot stuff. But they were very tasty simmered in barbecue sauce.

I also noticed a bunch of green tomatoes that I am pretty sure appeared overnight. I mean, we look at the garden nearly every day, and never noticed them until yesterday morning. So empirically we can assume they appeared overnight, right? Of course, I forgot to photograph them. Maybe later.

Up on the deck in pots, other things are growing nicely, too. There is parsley:


and Pennyroyal, to keep the skeeters away:


The fuschia has bloomed, and is gorgeous:

Fuschia blooming

We’ve even planted some cat grass for Moxie:

Cat Grass

Yes, that’s a dog-shaped pot with cat grass in it.  The irony is not lost on me.

Anyway, I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about gardeny things again. Next week: time to dig potatoes!


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