If The Shoe Fits

It’s quite telling that my last NaBloPoMo post for July was actually written on August 1.  Okay, if you want to be all technical about it, it’s 1:25 AM at the moment, so I guess that’s really August 2.  Whatever.

I don’t have much to say about NaBloPoMo, other than it is amazing how a little competitiveness and a fear of public failure can motivate even the lamest blogger (ahem… you’ve found her) to churn out 31 posts in as many days.  And let’s not nit-pick about the quality of said posts, shall we?  This time, it’s the quantity that matters.

Sadly, this was definitely an exercise, and I’m not regretting that it’s over.  (So why do it?)  (A very good question.  Perhaps I shall discover the answer in a separate conversation with myself.)  But I think the CSA posts will continue, since they’re somewhat useful (and brainless, which is always helpful in matters of routine).  And hopefully there will be something besides shorn landscaping to discuss on the subject of the garden.  (As a matter of fact, the first female flower of the year bloomed on the pumpkin vine yesterday, so there’s a possibility that we might actually get some fruit!  Yay!)

(Oh, and I promise to cut out all these ridiculous parenthetical remarks.  They’re making it painfully obvious just how scatterbrained I really am.)


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