CSA Week 9

Today is CSA day again, friends. The season has really gotten underway, with the first of the regular sized tomatoes and peppers making their debut. It’s been a strange summer so far, with a very wet June but a very cool July. As such, our farmers are worried about late season blight hitting their crops. It’s so strange for me to think about this through their eyes. If my home garden gets hit by blight, I’m out some time and effort and about $3.27 for seeds. Then I’ll probably pay a few cents more for my tomatoes at the store. But our farmers are Amish, and they live off of what they grow. If blight hits their crops, they won’t be eating any tomatoes this winter. And that would be a shame.

I still have my half of the summer squash from last week, but (aside from the kale, which I shamelessly composted) we managed to use up everything else. This week’s box is exciting:

CSA 7/23/09

You probably can’t see the giant zucchini hiding behind the scale in that picture. A friend of DH’s sent it home with him yesterday. This means I have something in the neighborhood of 4 pounds of zucchini to do something with. I put some in our pasta last week, which was devious and surprisingly good; some of it is frozen, but the rest? I may be making an awful, awful lot of zucchini bread this weekend.

I’m not complaining, however.


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