A Quantity

My mother (or maybe I heard it somewhere else? But it was repeated often enough that it was probably my mother) used to always admonish us:

Quality, not quantity.

I have way too much quantity.

It has created a severe lack of quality.

If you could see my studio/office now (which you can’t, thank goodness, or I’d be mortified); you would see very, very plainly what my problem is.  Well, one of them.  And this is would be a tendency to hoard things.  Or maybe it would be more accurate to say amass them.  Because a mass is exactly what is sitting on the worktable/iron/floor/desk/spare chair at the moment.

How did I ever accumulate so much stuff?

I can’t really say that it’s junk, because most of it, truthfully, is not.  But I have approximately 142 pounds of yarn that I could not possibly knit/crochet up in my lifetime if I stitched night and day.   I have paints and scrapbooking things and stationery.  I have books, patterns, and bags of things from my MIL that have random other craft projects in them which she thought I might like to explore.  I am fairly sure there is a quilting frame in here somewhere.  There are bolts of fabric and yards of ribbon, tape and trim.  There’s a box full of wrapping paper, and a storage container full of bows.  I could probably wrap all of the birthday/christmas presents for my entire neighborhood for a year and still have wrap and trim left over.  And don’t go away thinking I wasted all my own money on this stuff.  Most of it (yarn excluded, though I did inherit quite a bit of that, too) was either given to me or I saved it somewhere along the line.  I think the term we’ve been looking for here is “Pack Rat”.

So now I am forced to face my nightmarish collection, and make some tough decisions.  Do I keep it all?  If so, how do I store it so it is useful?  Do I get rid of it, and live with the guilt that comes (for me) from throwing/giving away perfectly good stuff?  Because in addition to that whole quality/quantity thing, there’s also the other mantra:

Waste not, want not.

Who comes up with these ridiculous catchy phrases, anyway??


One thought on “A Quantity

  1. Urm…I could have written that post myself – nearly word for work.

    Donate it to the library. That should cause less guilt, as you know the crafty materials would be used to bring joy to many children (and several children’s librarians).

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