It’s The Small Things

We did not make it back to the islands this weekend, but DH and I managed to sneak away for a little short weekender up at Lake Erie. We drove up to Geneva-On-The-Lake, which is a quaint and curious little town (and it’s right on the lake, can you imagine? Truth in advertising is so rare these days.). Maybe I will put up some photos when I get around to clearing off the camera card, but honestly, there isn’t much to show you. The most interesting thing we saw was the drawbridge in Ashtabula Harbor, about 10 miles away. And really, the only interesting thing about that is we do not have a Bascule lift bridge anywhere near us (Ashtabula Harbor is the closest one) which meant that we were endlessly fascinated by it. Tourists.

However, what our mini-trip lacked in fascinating scenery, it more than made up for in relaxation.

  • Beautiful weather, cool enough to want a jacket but not so chilly that your teeth were chattering
  • Pleasant hotel with comfortable beds, a bottle of wine in our room, and a serviceable restaurant on-premises
  • A chance to share not just one, but two meals with my husband without being interrupted by/for anything
  • No dish-washing or laundry-folding for a solid 18 hours
  • No refereeing of toy-fights or she-touched-me fights; actually, no fighting whatsoever
  • 4 straight episodes of Storm Chasers on Discovery channel in our room
  • knitting galore
  • sleeping in
  • drinking coffee while gazing out at Lake Erie
  • casual stroll out by the lake and out to the little lighthouse at sunset
  • listening to a half-dozen Doctor Who podcasts on the way home

I really should stop now. This is getting rather depressing.

What I realize, of course, is that I am something of a home-body. Travelling and sightseeing and getting out-and-about are all well and good, but I am rarely impressed by it all anymore. Home is infinitely more appealing.

Hopefully this is not sign of being snotty and cynical (or worse, prosaic), but rather that I am content with the things I have. Besides: what is the purpose of travelling, anyway, if not to come back home again?


One thought on “It’s The Small Things

  1. I am terribly impressed at the frequency of your posts of late… good for you!

    And that sounds like bliss. While of course I adore having children and wouldn’t have it any other way, I think the think I miss the most is eating a meal with my husband with no interruptions. It’s the thing I enjoy the most when we go out. To enjoy my food while it is still hot and enjoy pleasant uninterrupted conversation. A small thing but lovely.
    Glad you got to get away together đŸ™‚

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