Not Very Inspired, I’m Afraid.

Nope, I’m not very inspired at all.  And this would refer not only to today’s blog entry, but also the wilted clump of kale that’s sitting in my crisper drawer.

In good news, I got my hair cut today and took the girls along for trims as well.  S5, who up until this afternoon was convinced that getting her hair cut would hurt, exclaimed after the fact that:

“you were right, Mama!  It didn’t hurt at all!  I love getting my hair cut!!”

And this made me feel pretty happy.  Not to mention that her hair is a million times easier to comb now that she’s got it thinned out and trimmed up.  That girl has a lot of hair.

I also finished reading a book today: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NightTime by Mark Haddon.  It is supposed to be for a book club but I can’t make it to the discussion night, since we have soccer practice that evening.  But I read it anyway, so that when the other ladies in the book club start talking about it on our message board, I will have a bit of a clue as to what they are talking about.  That, and you can’t really go wrong in reading a book.

In sad news, the deer have visited again and, this time, took out the beautiful lily blooms.  All of them.  Even the unbloomed ones.  I’m to the point where I’m looking for venison recipes instead of kale dishes.

On the garden front, (excluding the lilies, of course, since that’s  a rather moot point now), I harvested half of the garlic, which is rather small because (I believe) the damn deer trampled the foliage before it had finished bulbing.  But it still looks palatable.  I did get quite a crop of Incheum and Chef’s Italian and am really curious to try both and see if I can spot a difference between the two varieties.  Oh, and we had a minor storm blow through, so I got to fill out an Intense Precipitation Report on CoCoRahs.  .05″ fell overnight, but 0.20″ fell between 4:45 and 5:10 PM.  So that was rather exciting.

This weekend, DH and I are sneaking away to Geneva-On-The-Lake, and we are going to sit in the swimming pool from approximately 3:05 pm until they kick us out.  And then we are going to drink our complimentary bottle of wine, which had better be good and red and not white and overly sweet.  That’s all I’m saying about that.


2 thoughts on “Not Very Inspired, I’m Afraid.

  1. Geneva on the Lake? Oooh, lucky! Enjoy the lake, it’s going to be a beautiful weekend! That book you were reading, is that about the autistic boy who goes looking for his mother? I had a hard time making it through that book…it was good, but hard.

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