Okay, I have to admit that, were it not for the fact that I’d have to eat a whole lot of crow, I really would not be posting tonight. I have nothing to say. Normally, I don’t have anything to say anyway. But tonight I mean it.

There is the happy possibility that DH and I may be going back to the islands this weekend. But now, I’ve probably gone and jinxed it, so nevermind.

Well, there is also the happy fact that I walked yesterday and today, about a mile each day, which is approximately .997 of a mile more than I walked the previous two days. On those days I was still recovering from soccer, though, so I really don’t feel too badly about being lame then. And I have been taking my vitamin so faithfully that I really don’t even think about it anymore, which means that I probably won’t re-bore the internet with that trivial and inane accomplishment again (after this sentence finally ends, of course).

The rain gauge has proven to be rather underwhelming. We had a very wet June, but July has seen only .20″ of rain so far, and that all fell in the same 24-hour window, so I’ve been recording a lot of these:

Rain Gauge

And this is disappointing, because if you’re going to get up at … how was that phrase… the asscrack of dawn, then it ought to really count for something.  I ought to have more than just a dumb “zero” to type into my little online measurable precipitation form.  Really.  I’m not so good with dutiful repetition, you see.

The, um, eating better thing is going okay.  I have cut waaaaaayyy back on coffee, which took quite a bit of getting used to (including a three-day headache), and then I drank a lot of coffee after my caffeine fast, which created other problems.  This whole see-saw thing is just awful.  I think we’re under control now, though.  We’ll see.

Maybe tomorrow there will be something more meaningful, more significant, to drone on about.  At the moment, though, I’m going to do some stretches and go to bed.


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