Better Luck Next Time

The girls got a hold of some yarn and were playing with it.  This is not new.  Normally, they like to wrap the yarn around and around and around a toy, until the toy is wearing a sort of fiber-fat-suit.  Or they will tie it around a toy, then tie that toy to another.  Or – most famously – they will tie it to a piece of furniture.  I should mention that a “tie” involves about fifty overhand knots, which are not terribly hard to undo but can become very, very time consuming.

Today’s adventure was slightly less benign.  It involved tying yarn around wrists and ankles, and running, and there were possibly staircases involved; and I could (with my keen mother’s future-telling sense) forsee such play disintegrating into something rather hazardous and potentially involving trips to emergency.

“O3,” I admonished, since she was closest and in earshot, “this is not a good idea.  You girls could get very hurt.  Be smart about how you’re playing with the yarn.”

Without missing a beat, she replied:

“Tomorrow, I’m going to be smart.  Today, I am playing this game with S5.”


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