Summer Ritual

Every summer since 2001, except the year S5 was born, I have had a garage sale. One year I had more than one, since I helped my mom with hers. It’s become a sort of summer routine to clear things out of the house/attic/garage/basement and try to pawn them off sell them to someone else who might get some use out of them. It’s part of that whole “reduce, reuse, recycle” thing. You understand.

I really didn’t have much fodder for snarky commentary this year. Folks did not line up like vultures hours before the sale began. No one showed up hours after the sign went down in the afternoon. No one really had much to say except annoyingly nice things like “thank you”, “good morning”, “boy, it’s a hot one” and “good luck with your sale”. I sold a lot of things that had been accumulating, made a little bit of money, and that was that. Ho, hum.

S5 really got into the garage sale thing today, though. While I was setting up the tables, she went into the girls’ room and brought out some items of her own, and then proceeded to mark them for sale.

Marking the merchandise

And then, without any prompting or actually any involvement at all on my part, she proceeded to set them out on the table. She was so confident and purposeful that I made it a point to give her full rein on this little project.

The Merchandiser

Of course I couldn’t help but sneak out afterwards to see what she had come up with. It was very clever. Very clever, indeed.

DooLL 5cents

In case you’re not sure, that says “5 CENTS DOOLL”.  A bargain, apparently due to the fact that she is without clothes.

Next she brought out this fella:


followed by a little giraffe:

Giraffe for 3 cents

and, finally, this guy:

8 cent pup

Yeah, I’m not completely sure what her pricing strategy was, but she was so proud of her garage sale contribution that I left everything exactly as she had it. And, when someone came and offered to buy her giraffe and DOOLL and pup (for approximately twenty five cents, or whatever this very kind, indulgent woman had in her pocket at the time), S5 handled the transaction all on her own, and seemed very satisfied at having entered and mastered the realm of casual retail.

I may just put her in charge of the whole damn thing next year.


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