Garden Update

Look at this… I promised a garden update today, and you’re getting a garden update today. Whether you like it or not. Well, I suppose if you didn’t like it you probaby wouldn’t have even clicked through or scrolled down or whatever it is you did to land your sorry browser here. Hopefully it’s not terribly painful for you.

So, then! Garden. In the summer, much of my routine involves something with the garden (usually thinking about it, but, on occasion, actually going out and doing things in it.) I usually wander out first thing in the morning, sip my coffee hot tea and check the rain gauge.

Rain Gauge

Then I peruse the various plantings to see what has been decimated by deer/rabbits/racoons/blight/insects. Anything that’s left, I take a picture of.

For example, we had grand designs on a bean teepee for the girls to play in this summer. The deer had other ideas. Mostly their ideas were some variation on “mmm… these bean plants sure are tasty!” Two days after we saw gorgeous leaves unfold from the newly-sprouted beans, they were mercilessly mowed down by the evil deer. Surprisingly, we have had new leaves pop out of the old stalks. So perhaps all is not lost.

Hopeful Beans

But our teepee is still rather bare, and forlorn. I do hope we have some luck with it or the girls may just be too traumatized to ever want to garden again. With me, anyway.

Bean Teepee

Behind the teepee, there are a pair of lilies about to bloom:

Lily about to bloom

This is very exciting, because they came up last year but did not bloom at all, and I nearly dug them up but decided to wait another season. I’m so very glad I did.

In the veggie patch, the garlic is completely trampled by the damn deer. All the foliage has yellowed and is starting to die. I dug up a few bulbs and they are smallish, but still serviceable. We will let them cure a bit and see if they are tasty. I sure hope so. That was a lot of frigging garlic.

The tomatoes seem to be thriving, however. Here is our fancy Florida Weave:

Florida Weave

The plants in the foreground are in one weave that goes left-to-right. The remaining plants are in three woven rows going away from the camera. Basically, a weave is a cheap way of tying up a whole bunch of damn tomatoes at once. And since we have a whole bunch of damn tomatoes, it seemed like an interesting thing to try out. I will probably have to give the Florida Weave a post of its own since it’s rather complicated and right now I am really too tired to think about how to describe it. Google it if you simply can’t wait. I won’t be offended.

We also have some adorable cucumbers in flower:


These are “Straight Eights”, and supposed to be good for pickling. S5 picked them out herself.

Speaking of garden pests, would you believe how many mosquitoes were out this morning at 7AM 8AM 9:42AM? Lots, let me tell you.

The best kind of mosquito- SQUASHED!

Meanwhile, up on the deck, the nasturtiums are threatening to take over their little planter box.


The flowers have already been plucked twice for vinegar. Now I just pick them to keep the plant looking good, but it’s growing like crazy. Boy, does it smell good, though.

I’m growing lots of basil this year, adding two other varieties to “Sweet” and “Thai”: “Genovese” and “Anise”. The Genovese is much shorter than the other basils so far, but very vibrant:

Genovese Basil

It also smells darn good.

Meanwhile, there are a few other visitors to the yard that are actually welcome (unlike the damn deer, and raccoons, and rabbits, and mosquitoes). Can you spot our newest guest in this pic?

Can you spot the visitor?

Here’s a hint:

Can you spot the visitor?

See her yet? Here’s Baby Robin, who is just learning to fly:

Baby robin

I wonder if I can teach her to scare away the damn deer.


2 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Your garden looks great. I really need to take updated pics of mine.

    I may come over and steal some of your basil since the damn Japanese Beatles have pretty much decimated all of my beautiful plants. The bastards. I’d plant more, but I think I am out of seeds. 😦

    btw, I’m proud of you for making it 9 days of posting. Way to go!!

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