Hanging On

Well, I am dangerously close to missing the posting deadline for today, but I think I’ll squeak in under the wire.  Just trying to keep you on your toes, you know; mix it up a bit.  Whatever.

So yesterday I brilliantly suggested some additions (or subtractions) to my routine that might do me some good, things like reducing my caffeine intake and getting up at a more “normal” hour, etcetera.  I would like to happily report that I have made progress on all fronts.

First of all, I did not have ANY coffee today.  You heard me: not a single drop.  And now I have a raging headache from the caffeine withdrawal, but it’s all good.  Drinking some green tea has helped.  Slightly.  The important thing to note here is that I was able to go an entire 24 or some-such hours without coffee.  I mention this first, because to my way of thinking, all of the following accomplishments are instantly like 1000% more amazing when you consider that I did them all decaffeinated.

1.  I took my vitamin first thing this morning (instead of making/drinking coffee, and instead of checking email.)

2. It did not rain a drop last night, but I checked the rain gauge dutifully nonetheless.  And I also recorded my Zero Rainfall on CoCoRahs.  Rah, rah, rah.

3.  Not only did I do some stretches last night, but I did more already tonight.  Hey, it was that, or make a pot of half-caff.

4.  Oh, boy, did I move around tonight.  I went to a coaches’ clinic for our community soccer program.  S5, now that she is 5, is eligible to play soccer, so we signed her up.  Somehow, in the signing up process, I got talked into being an assistant coach.  They assured me it was nothing too physical, nothing that I really had to know how to play soccer for (which I don’t)- that was the head coach’s job.  Boy, did I get snowed.  Something should have clued me in when they said “wear shorts and bring water to the clinic”.  For THREE HOURS we ran around, kicking and passing and receiving and shooting and learning how to stop the ball without your hands, such as with your thigh (hard to get that part up in the air) or your chest (I only quit nursing a few months ago, can you give me a break already?) or your HEAD (omg does that hurt with a full-on caffeine-withdrawal headache).  Yeah.  So I think I’ve done all the moving around I need to do until perhaps August.  Of 2015.

5.  Eat better went well – except for the half-ounce of chocolate taken to ease the caffeine headache.  I had cereal and tea for breakfast, a lovely salad and some leftover boiled potatoes for lunch, and another lovely salad for dinner.  And even though I felt perfectly justified in eating a snack after the grueling soccer torture session, I refrained.  Had tea instead, (and that’s when I took my dose of chocolate, but shhhhh) and now I am going to bed, so that this remains a good day.

Tomorrow: garden updates.



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