On The Bright Side

Alright, so I’ve spent the first week of NaBloPoMo groaning about schedules, snarking about my lack thereof, and generally being ridiculous with regards to the subject of routine. If I’m going to expend energy on this writing exercise, I might as well try to make some good come out of it. Therefore, I going to focus on the positive things I’m [slowly, painfully] incorporating into to my every-day.

1. Take a vitamin. Since pregnancy, I have had a B-vitamin deficiency, particularly B-12; this is interesting because I’m not a real vegetarian, and B-12 is rampant in animal-based foods. Unfortunately, cheese does not count as a source of B vitamins, however. So I’m sunk.

2. Check the rain gauge. I joined CoCoRahs a few months ago and we finally set up our rain gauge this weekend. I’m supposed to check it every morning around 7:00 AM. That is going to be really, really funny.

3. Do stretches at night. My body feels old. My neck hurts, my back has a little bit of arthritis in it, my knees are starting to feel like they’re made of broken glass, and my joints sound like bubble wrap when I move. So before bed, I do some stretches. And I have to admit that, while remembering to do them is sometimes a problem, they feel very, very good, and I sleep better afterwards. Why is it that things that make us feel better (like exercise, for example) are so hard to stick to?

4. Move around more. My mom gave me one of those pedometers and tried telling me about some 10,000 steps a day bullshit that she’s been following . Okay, fine. So I wore the pedometer for a couple of days and realized that I took approximately 2,000 steps each day (and that was after going for a walk). I was very depressed and put the pedometer on a shelf. But it looks at me every time I walk by (which is obviously not very often). So I really need to find a new battery for it and at least make an effort to increase my step count. To be fair, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen doing cooking/cleaning sorts of things, so I am on my feet–but not actually taking steps. But it certainly couldn’t hurt matters to walk more.

5. Eat better. I actually eat fairly well compared to some. I don’t drink soda, we don’t keep candy or donuts or chips in the house, I avoid things like french fries and breaded fish sticks and tempura with no difficulty. My problems have more to do with quantity and timing. I tend to eat most of my calories late, late, late at night (in front of the computer). This is probably a result of not eating any/many calories during the day, and drinking too much coffee, and not moving around very much. It’s scary how interrelated all these issues seem to be.

6. Drink less coffee. I almost didn’t write this down. What would my life be without coffee?? (It would be very decaffeinated, sluggish and dull, that’s what it would be.) But I have to face facts, and one of them is that coffee, caffeine, and the accompanying buttload (I mean that literally) of sugar I stir into my cups are causing some problems. Like, oh, I don’t know, a vitamin B deficiency. Sleep problems. Sluggishness around 2 o’clock. Etcetera.

And now I am thoroughly morose about the prospect of giving up (or at least cutting back on) coffee while trying to get up at 7:00 to check the damn rain gauge AND shuffle my feet 10,000 times a day. Fortunately, it’s already July 6 so I don’t have to worry about keeping up pretenses terribly much longer.


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