New To The Neighborhood

Last year, we had some nice, friendly new neighbors move in.

Mama's home!

They were very pleasant to have around, until the kids knocked their house down (by accident) (mostly) and they abruptly moved away. But that’s not important here.

What is important here is that we once again have new neighbors. Unfortunately, they’re not the chirpy songsters from last year. This family is a bit… well, they’re a bit odd. They sleep all day and carouse about all night. They leave garbage everywhere and scare the bejeebus out of my cat, who is fond of a little nocturnal cavorting herself in the summertime.

They are very annoying, truth be told. And the worst part is that they are incredibly stinking cute.



Cute or not, however, these neighbors are NOT going to get the welcome wagon.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you raccoons have got to go.  Sorry, guys!!

PS  I’m five for five, all you naysaers of doom.


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