When The Chips Are Down, Let Them Lie

Even though I am usually motivated by naysayers who tell me I can’t or shouldn’t do something, the number of people who have basically said that my chances of meeting the NaBloPoMo challenge are about as good as a snowflake in a sauna is rather disturbing.

I realize that my lack of appreciation for the early morning hours, my inability to go to bed at a “reasonable*” time, and my complete disdain for anything resembling a sched*cough-cough*ule are probably, aside from things having to do with my children, the most-blogged topics here at MotherMe. But geez, people. Can’t you give me a little bit of credit? Can’t you give me some moral support?
Actually, please don’t do that. I really need your cajoling and your ridicule to get me through the tough times. Honest.
*There are many definitions for “reasonable”. It’s a personal preference sort of thing.
By the way, this is a holiday in the U.S., and yet I’m still posting. I’ll never tell you that I figured out WordPress’s schmancy little schedule-ahead button. Nope. Never.

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