With Alarming Regularity

While routine (*shudder*) is not my forté, there are a few things I do on a regular basis and at a regular time.

1. Every morning, before I do pretty much anything else, I make coffee.

2. Every morning, before I do pretty much anything else (but after I make coffee), I turn on my computer and check email/blogs/waste a really dumb amount of time, while drinking my coffee.

3. Once a week, on Thursdays at 1:00 PM, I drive out to a farm to pick up my CSA box. (I sometimes stop for coffee along the way, but not always.)

I think there is some tooth-brushing that you might be able to throw in there as well, but the timing is always different so it really can’t count as routine.

This is the first year for us belonging to a CSA. I looked into doing one last year, but couldn’t find one within a reasonable distance. In fact, the one we ended up joining is brand-new. It’s a group of Amish farmers who call themselves “Growers and Grocers.” I think that’s such a cute name. They are working with our favorite farmers, the ones we get all of our meats from, to develop and operate their CSA as some of their… er… brethren have done elsewhere.

Yesterday was CSA day, and I just finished entering the box contents into my little food journal. Yeah, you heard me: I have a food journal. It’s a little notebook where I write handy bits of information, such as the name of the place where we picked blueberries last year, and how many quarts we got, and how much they were a pound, and how many jars of jam came out of it. I write down useful measurements, like the fact that a 4-quart box of hand-picked strawberries ($8.50) gives you about 13 cups of hulled and sliced berries, which in turn makes about 5 half-pint jars of strawberry syrup. I also put recipes in there, which was very useful when we made four different batches of apple butter from about nine different types of apples last year, and I was able to identify the right recipe/apple combination so that we can make it again this fall. So don’t mock. Nerdiness can be very, very tasty.

I’m sure* you’re wondering what we got in our CSA box this week.

*Actually, I am not sure of this at all. In fact, I could very well be talking to myself at this point. But I’ll write it down for posterity’s sake.

Here it is, all freshly picked and crisp and tasty.

Box 5 July 2

I even picked out a few bugs that woke up to discover their homes had migrated about fifteen miles southwest. Yeah, it’s that fresh.

Contents Box 5

Mrs. B also gave me a cute little recipe card. On one side is a recipe for zucchini casserole, which uses 3 cups of shredded zucchini (check) and a small onion (check), plus cheese and eggs and other things, and it also calls for a cup of baking mix, the recipe for which she put on the other side of the card. Such a nice little touch.

I am slightly alarmed that the three things I do with absolute regularity all involve food and/or coffee.


One thought on “With Alarming Regularity

  1. awww, you have favourite amish farmers! i wish we had favourite amish farmers! i also wish we had reeses by the block, but there you go.
    very much liking hearing from you so often this month! so far. ha.

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