I signed up for NaBloPoMo once.  It was a lunatic idea then, and I’m pretty sure this time is nothing different.  But then my “friend” (and I’m going to use that term very loosely here) decided to commit to another month of posts.  (As if we didn’t learn anything the first time around.)  Of course, there is nothing worse than trying to sit idly on your thumbs and be totally slackerette when someone you know is all up and jogging around the blogosphere.  It’s damn annoying, to be honest.  Some “friend”.  Nyah.

So, fine.  Whatever.  I’ll try another thirty days of blog posts.  Oh, wait… this is July.  Oh, for crying out loud… why July?  Why couldn’t it be February??  What were you thinking, O “Friend” of mine????

(That was a rhetorical question.  This is a rhetorical blog.)

(But I’m still going to try to pull thirty more posts out of my butt by the end of the month.)


5 thoughts on “NaBloPhooey

      1. Well…technically, I am not participating. That aside, I’ve actually posted on my blog every day for the past 10 or so days. So there. :p

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