Garden Pictorial

Yeah, so while I’m ridiculously late at posting all the garden pictures from this spring, it’s better late than never, right? I mean, at least I thought enough to go out with the camera a few times, and not completely miss out on everything budding and blooming- even if I didn’t blog about it in a timely fashion.

So let me catch you up on things around the homestead. Now that it’s the second week of June, we’ve already had several things bloom and disappear. We’ve seen rhododendrons

Rhodie in bloom

and dianthus (which is still sort of blooming, but looking like it needs a haircut)

Return of the dianthus pinks "firewitch"

and trilliums (which were a very exciting find)


and mayapples


and assorted wildflower-things that I once identified but now can’t remember what they are, like these

Spring wildflower 1

and these

Spring wildflower 2

and these (does anyone know what the heck these are, by the way? It’s vaguely mint-looking but no smell.)

What the heck is this?

We also had lily-of-the-valley, but I couldn’t find it again after I remembered to bring out the camera (it must have disappeared overnight), and some periwinkle that I did find but never remembered to bring out the camera for.

I also found some things that came back from last year, like this nasturtium volunteer (which should bloom any day now)

Nasturtium volunteer

this allium


this mutant carrot (which I’m sort of afraid to eat)

Mutant Carrot

and this fuschia, which I tried overwintering from last year.

Overwintered Fuschia

It’s doing greeny-things, but no flowery-things, so we will see.

We also have clematis blooming now


and lilies that will (hopefully) bloom in a month or so


So, now you are probably wondering (or maybe you are not wondering at all, but simply humoring me, which is also fine because I will take whatever I can get) what sorts of veggies we are growing in the new and expanded garden, right?

How Big Is Your Garden?

Aha! So glad you asked! I will take you on a little virtual tour. Let us start near O3, who is showing off our northeast bed.

How Big Is Your Garden?

Yeah, if anyone wants some garlic, I will be swimming in it come July. The potatoes also look good:


We are growing All Blues again this year, plus Early Ohio and French Fingerlings.

Onwards and southwards… our southeast bed, where the tomatoes grew last year, is twice as big as last year. It now wraps around the house.


It’s so big it has a mountain in it:

Pile of shit

That, my friends, is year-old sheep shit. I shit you not. And while you may laugh, it makes my plants happy. So just cut the shit, okay?

Not much has come up yet in this bed, but there are beans planted, along with some peas and onions. There are many, many tomatoes. And there are some parsleys and basils interplanted with the tomatoes, but you can’t see them- mostly because they’re small, but also because I didn’t take a picture of them. But I did photograph the zucchini squash:

Baby squash

and the punkin:

Punkin Plant

So there.

In the back, the girls have a little garden with a bean teepee and a sunflower patch. O3 is very excited about this and checks the beans every day to see if they’ve sprouted (not yet).

Bean Teepee

O3 likes the bean teepee. She likes “teepee” so much that she also refers to the peas out front as TeePeas.

Checking out the tea-peas

We made them this nice little trellis to climb against, and they seem to be very happy about it.


We shall be swimming in peas as well, come July.

So that is most of what we have been doing this year. There are other little things, like pots of herbs


Baby Anise

And today we are installing some pepper plants that we found at the market over the weekend, plus adding some more basils (one can never, ever, ever have too many basils). I’m sure there’s more, but the camera’s gone to work with my husband so I can’t really tell you about it even if I did remember.

You may notice that there is No Corn this year. Our plot really doesn’t get enough sun to grow corn properly. We tried last year, and failed, so we have moved on to smaller and better things that can stand a little dappled sunlight.

Like eggplants.

4 thoughts on “Garden Pictorial

    1. I think you’re right that the purple one is some sort of lamium. The wild geranium I googled looks just like the pink ones… damn, you’re good! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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